• Meet The Perennials: Chef Alejandro Chamorro

    Meet The Perennials: Chef Alejandro Chamorro

    On our way back from the Galapagos last winter, we stayed at a chic new hotel called the Illa Experience in Quito, Ecuador. Tucked away in an historic, artsy part of town on a charming street, this welcoming oasis had just opened to the public. We were the lucky first guests who had the 10-room hotel mostly to ourselves. The night we arrived a sophisticated and exquisite feast was laid out for us. It was a pleasant shock to eat this well at a hotel restaurant but then this was not a hotel restaurant after all. Nuema is the hotel’s spectacular, award-winning restaurant partner helmed by Alejandro Chamorro and his pastry chef partner (and wife) Piedad Salazar.

  • Finding Your Brand Purpose

    Finding Your Brand Purpose

    Amy Parker and I have been in the digital media business since 1999. We have nearly 20 years of experience tinkering with technology to build community through content. The What is our third startup together. So, it should be a piece of cake, right? Wrong. Dead wrong. It’s like thinking you got this “parenting thing” because your first kid taught you everything you need to know. No. Starting a new thing means riding a rollercoaster of learning curves, no matter your expertise. And in our case, it also doesn’t help that the media industry is in free-fall. The six figure sponsorships and advertising contracts that


  • Perennials Playlist

    Perennials Playlist

    We spent hours and hours on Spotify putting together a Perennials Playlist, like a mixtape for our bestie, that can be enjoyed by Perennials of all ages. Listen to over 11 hours of our favorites. It’s a work in progress so check back often. LISTEN HERE.


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