• Organized AF

    Organized AF

    We may live in the digital world, but every January we’re giddy to purchase a new planner, analog style. There’s just something about writing in those pages, making doodles, crossing shit off the list and working on the lost art of penmanship that comforts us and makes feel organized AF. For many, day planners are ridiculously impractical, and yet they feel very modern and necessary in this day and age. Here are a few tried and true planners that we love and/or have been highly recommended to us by our most organized friends. (more…)

  • Debra Messing on THE WHAT WOMEN

    Debra Messing on THE WHAT WOMEN

    We were thrilled to have Debra Messing as the keynote speaker at THE WHAT SUMMIT 2018. She joined us and 300 women for a day of connection and conversation around the things we care most about, from sex and money to kids and career. Debra is a long-time member of THE WHAT. community and a fearless advocate for women–not to mention talented, generous, and a beautiful person inside and out. Join our global community of women sharing wisdom, friendship and inspiration here: THE WHAT WOMEN


  • The What Summit 2018 Premiere

    The What Summit 2018 Premiere


    by Gina Pell + Amy Parker, THE WHAT

    Welcome to The What Summit intro video, originally aired October 5th, 2018. Watch as Gina Pell + Amy Parker share their personal story and explain how the power of friendship can help change yourself and the world around you.

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