• The What Summit 2018 Premiere

    The What Summit 2018 Premiere


    by Gina Pell + Amy Parker, THE WHAT

    Welcome to The What Summit intro video, originally aired October 5th, 2018. Watch as Gina Pell + Amy Parker share their personal story and explain how the power of friendship can help change yourself and the world around you.

  • 6 Beach Reads For Summer

    6 Beach Reads For Summer


    When it comes to literature we have no problem taking on complex, challenging, or even wildly obscure books. But, every now and then we simply want an enjoyable, easy-to-digest pageturner like a murder mystery novel, time travel adventure, or quirky conspiracy theory. Our picks for summer are easy on the eyes but also well-written and in some cases gorgeously written as in the case of LESS, which won the Pulitzer. If you’re searching for something meatier, peruse our Best Fiction Spring 2018 List. You’ll have to wait until fall when we review the darkly profound and heartwrenching novels that send us into a catatonic spiral.


  • TW Best Fiction Books — Spring 2018

    TW Best Fiction Books — Spring 2018

    New Releases Jan-Apr 2018 personally read by yours truly.

    There are many “Best” book lists compiled and curated by editorial teams around the globe. But, what makes ours different is that I have personally read every book here, a herculean effort requiring intense concentration at a pace of a book a night for three consecutive months. How (and why) did I accomplish this? (more…)

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