• What is a Perennial?

    What is a Perennial?

    Gina Pell at UC Berkeley Arts + Design Lecture Series

    While the world argues about who, or which generation, is relevant … Gina Pell, fashion and tech entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Splendora and The What, and Berkeley alum has coined the term Perennials to describe an ever-blooming group of people of ALL ages, stripes, and types who

  • Can’t meditate? Read this.

    Can’t meditate? Read this.

    Read more. Escape reality.

    30 Days. 20 Books. I haven’t read this much, this fast, not even during my college days. I also wouldn’t recommend tearing through books at this pace. But, I unintentionally developed a reading strategy when I set a goal to review 20 books in one month as part of a fiction committee. My strategy, which I call Volumetric Reading (VmR), allows me to go full bore into a book rather than randomly chip away at it. It also improved my ability to concentrate for hours — to tune out nagging thoughts, noise, emotions, anxiety, reality— a skill I found difficult to achieve with meditation. 

  • In the News: Forbes

    In the News: Forbes

    We had the amazing opportunity to sit down and chat with Hayley Leibson about The What Summit, our 18 year partnership, and building intentional community to help women achieve their goals, regardless of age or stage.


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